Unpurposed yet Unafraid

Written By: Bruno Sanchez-Ortiz

January 18, 2017

“Did you know that most people just live, with no reason for living?” Yes, I did. I have come to realize this as a consequence of observing other people’s behavior. Though I usually refrain from making generalizations, I have known enough people to agree with Dr. Parker. To say that people with a purpose altogether do not exist would be incorrect, but across the society we are familiar with, we must accept their scarcity. People cannot be split up so simply into those that have purpose, and those who do not, we are much too complex. Instead, I propose a more creative model. Imagine that we live inside a continuous spectrum, like the spectrum of light that paints the sky at sunrise and sunset, except ours ranges from a lack of any purpose, to having many. At any point in our lives, we can be found in the liveliest, brightest part of the spectrum, our life enriched with purpose. We can be flying around the sun. Unfortunately, we could just as readily live without purpose, drifting aimlessly through the darker skies. Our movement within this colorful spectrum is our life, and it yields a spectacle more beautiful than the most vibrant sunset. If you have not yet done so, I invite you to consider where on the spectrum you think you are. If you are like me, then you find yourself somewhere in the middle, trying to find your purpose, a deep one that will guide you for a long time to come. The center of the spectrum is a turbulent position where uncertainty can prey on you more than anywhere else. After all, choosing a direction is hardest when any direction is open to you. Without a clear purpose, your actions will seem meaningless and you might think whatever direction you choose will lead you nowhere at all. Perhaps you are right. However, I believe there is hope in such a situation. You see, most people live their lives following a prearranged template, without questioning why. They settle for the empty promise that if you live a certain way, you are guaranteed a satisfactory life. But, if you have the self-awareness and courage to admit that you do not have it all figured out, that you want more than satisfactory, that you do not know why you do what you do, then friend, there is hope for you. You can start to identify where you are, reevaluate yourself, try different paths, give yourself goals and dreams and start to chase them. Uncertainty, fed to you by other people, unfortunate circumstances, or yourself, will forever accompany you. I have not accomplished my dreams, nor am I certain that I am heading in the right direction. I know I will face adversity, a challenge might even cause me to change course because I simply do not have the skill to defeat it. But, like most other people, i’ll move on, in hopes of finding what I am meant to be. You may not yet have a unique purpose to your life, but if your attitude dictates that you will find your purpose, your niche, then you are heading in the right direction no matter what.