I’ll be happy

Written By: Gelila Kassaye

January 2, 2017

Hello there. Thank you for the taking the time to read my application.
My name is Gelila Kassaye and I am a very grateful person. I am extremely thankful for simply being able to breath, walk, talk…thankful for being alive. Not because I have had a near death experience, but because through all the 18 years I have spent on this earth, I have realized that life is too short for us to be anything but thankful and happy. Because I know how it feels to be constantly sad, I value happiness. Because I know what almost not having what you extremely wish for feels like, I appreciate and am grateful for what I do have.
Just like a lot of people, I was bullied growing up. That had taken a real blow to my self-esteem and confidence. And so, even though the bullying stopped when I entered 7th grade, I never felt good enough, I always doubted myself and I developed social anxiety. High school was a night mare for me. I was not bullied or anything, it was just the time in my life where I didn’t know where I fit, and I was simply a wreck inside. One thing I did know was that I didn’t want my future to be like that. I also knew that I had the power to alter who I’ll become in the future so I concentrated on my school. I put all of my energy in to my education and every time I would almost slack, I would envision my future self living a miserable life, pursuing a career I never wanted, and , most importantly, hating who I am because of that. I got my act together and started planning my career. I decided that I want to pursue petroleum Engineering. That is not a field taught in my country Ethiopia, so I knew pursuing that career field would require me to study abroad. I chose to study in the United States of America because it has a great reputation for hands on education, which is very important in my field, and it’s relatively affordable. However, my family was strongly against my idea. Ethiopia is a third world country where what is considered middle class there is thought as poor here in the United States. By Ethiopia’s standard, my family is between poor and middle class. So my family was more than reluctant to send me to the states to pursue my education. I, however, knew that my education was my only hope. I knew for a fact that if I got the opportunity, I would help my family for as long as I live by being the best in my field. So convincing my parents that pursuing my career abroad is not an option but a must had not been easy task.
It was because of the hard times that I was dealt with I was able to see the bigger picture and want better for myself. I changed for the better, became stronger and driven, because went through a tough time. I am worthy of this scholarship because besides my earnest passion for my field and severe financial struggle, I am going to pay it forward. Helping me would mean helping several other students because I know when I accomplish my goal, helping others accomplish theirs is going to be my top priority. Thank you for reading my essay.